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In 2023 we offer a few kinds of special

Dates in 2023:


- 1st - 7th of May 2023 - MINDFULNESS SURF YOGA RETREAT 

- 8th - 18th of May 2023 - SHAPE YOUR SURF BOARD YOGA RETREAT 

- 21th - 27th of May 2023 - WOMEN EMPOWERMENT RETREAT 

- 1st - 7th of October 2022 MINDFULNESS SURF YOGA RETREAT

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Personal training

If you want to start preparing for yoga & surf course, we offer a special program with personal training all year long. It is also a perfect way to get better stamina, relax and lose fear. Typically we train in Szczecin and by the Baltic Sea or in Portugal by the Atlantic Ocean. Write us to ask for more details regarding to long-term training or check our offer for private classes.

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