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Surf yoga retreat ocean awakening by Weronika Maria Kostrzewa
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Cacao Ceremony at Soul Farm - surf yoga retreat
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soul farm
Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal
1-7th of May & October 2023

Laugh. Be healthy. Learn. Relax.

Yoga & Surf: Welcome
Calm Sea

Location: Soul Farm Algarve, Aljezur, Portugal

Price: 880€ per person

What is included in the retreat?

  • Accommodation (7 days/6 nights) in double canvas;

  • Daily healthy vegetarian breakfasts and lunches;

  • Daily yoga session with a qualified teacher;

  • 4-days of surf course with experienced instructors, insurance & surf gear;

  • Three warm dinners with aperitif and desserts;

  • The permaculture design and planting trees workshop;

  • The vegan culinary workshop;

  • Guided sunset meditation by the ocean on cliffs;

  • Cacao ceremony and ecstatic dance workshop;

  • Visit at the local skate & music social club, surf shops and restaurants;

  • Pick up from bus station in Aljezur on the arrival day at 4:30 P.M., check out on the last day at 11:30 A.M.

Where is the closest airport?

In Faro or in Lisbon -  we will guide you how to quickly transfer from there to Aljezur :)

Yoga & Surf: About


The experience starts with an introduction to the ocean. Our instructors explain safety rules and give you a bit of surfing theory. You begin to develop a relationship with the ocean, your instructor and the board. It is also an opportunity for the coach to assess each guest’s surfing skills

Surf lessons are held each day at one of the nearby beaches: Amoreira, Arrifana or Monte Clerigo. As the wind and waves change daily, we aim to find the beach with the best conditions for you. 

Daily lessons of 2h will be held close to shore mostly. After a nice picnic, you are encouraged to free surf with your group's fellows, practice and expand on all you’ve learned in the class.

Group sizes are kept to a minimum while the fun rises to the maximum. An excellent range of beginners longboards, as well as shortboards, are available which are ideal and safe for surfers of all levels. You are free to sample your surfing gear according to your comfort.


​Practicing yoga and meditation by the ocean or in the woods is a very unique and beautiful experience connecting you to nature. Learning how to empty the mind and balance the body will not only increase your confidence, flexibility and strength - it will also help you with surfing! 


Speaking of what: did you know that swimming in the salty ocean water is part of yoga practice too? It purifies the channels of energy flowing within the body - it helps you to concentrate and refresh the mind


Depending on the surf conditions, our yoga sessions are happening in the morning (before breakfast) or in the afternoon (before dinner). Our teachers are familiar with different styles, like Asthanga, Hatha, Iangar, Jivamukti, Kundalini, Nindra, Yin - always with the restorative approach. Therefore, the practice is adjusted to the spirit of the group and to your individual needs (for instance: poses releasing pain in the lower back or in the arms after surf). 


You may also learn different meditation and mind training techniques accompanied by the healing vibration of chants and the Tibetan singing bowl. Every lesson ends with a session of deep relaxation. All of that will help you to rejuvenate and get ready for another exciting day in Portugal.​



Food is a very important part of retreats run by Ocean Awakening. Our veggies, fruits, honey, eggs and cheese come directly from the local farmers and organic producers.


We passionately cook healthy and nutritious vegetarian meals. And we have no problems with adjusting to different kinds of food preferences, like vegan, gluten or lactose-free. Every program includes the culinary workshop where you can learn how to make healthy, yet simple and delicious "guilty-free" vegan and gluten-free meals.

You can expect sweet & savory breakfasts with fresh orange or pomegranate juice, coffee and tea, a lunch box for the beach and 3 dinners with aperitif and desserts.


During the other evenings you may want to try the local resturants which serve lots of traditional Portuguese meals. Or... maybe you will feel like using the chance to clean the body and do the fast? You can also cook your own food at our beautiful outdoor kitchen. What is more, the local Italian chef is a great pizza-master, baking wonderful treats for our guests every week. 

Bon appetite!

Here, at Soul Farm, we embrace the idea of simple living with the presence of the unspoiled nature of Costa Vicentina park. Everything in our place was created with respect for the planet Earth: natural materials, simple solutions and long-lasting permaculture design. 

Our canvas (similar to  tipi tents) are equipped with raised beds with linen, towels and solar lights that make the nights cozy and relaxing. Bathrooms with hot water are just a few meters away. At your use are also: fully equipped outdoor kitchen, chilling area with a little library and musical instruments, WIFI and car parking.


All of that inside of peaceful countryside where the sounds of crickets together with the sky full of stars will be your regular night lullaby. Feel welcome to visit us from April until October each year.

Yoga & Surf: Services


One of the most important goals for our retreats is to spread the wisdom coming from Mother Nature about healthy and mindful co-existence with all elements, humans, animals, and the planet Earth. That is why we invite you to take part in very special workshops.


You will have chance to learn basics of the permaculture design. It is a science based on the natural ecosystems - dedicated to fair management of the landscape and all the resources. That day we will start as always with morning yoga practice and breakfast. Then we will all go to our community garden with a food forest, a sanctuary for animals, and a woodland park. Our dedicated tutors will share their knowledge about plants and ecological landscape design. We will be picking herbs, planting trees, and speaking about our human role on the planet. In the meanwhile, our hosts will serve farm-to-table lunch made with organic veggies, herbal tea infusions, and local wine tasting. 

The cacao ceremony includes workshop on spontaneous body expression accompanied by a beautiful music. That ancient tradition is supporting the heart opening, healing and awakening of the inner joy. It is a unique way to let go and free emotions. Sometimes we start playing some instruments - our crew loves jamming and singing together with the guests.


All that activities are yoga practices that teach us more about balanced life and union with nature. It is an excellent way to raise our consciousness about healthy habits and having fun at once.

If that sounds interesting to you, enquire about your spot by reaching out. We are looking forward to meeting you soon! Thank you. 



Your Ocean Awakening Crew

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