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To heal and reflect - retreat 1 to 1

Private retreat designed by certified yoga instructor and therapist Weronika Maria Kostrzewa in order to help you come back to the balanced life. It includes daily sessions with yoga and meditation, mindfulness talks and special, cleansing diet. The experience can take 5 to 10 days. Its usual location, inside of the Costa Vicentina Natural Park in Portugal, is itself part of the practice of detachment. It opens you to the connection with your inner wisdom and 4 basic elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The whole experience, cleansing the mind from overthinking, supports you on the path to the awaken life. Following the ancient traditions, the teachings and guidance given to the practitioner during the retreat are donation based.



1. Accommodation of your choice - book your stay according to your individual preferences and financial capacity. Feel welcome to request the contacts to hostels/guest houses/hotels in the area that we already know and recommend.

2. The real cost of the transportation of the teacher to your place (on average 15€ per day).

3. The real food cost of your meals prepared by the teacher: breakfast and lunch or dinner (on average 15€ per day). 

4. Your own transportation (in case you want to rent a car or a bike to enjoy the area of Costa Vicentina in your free time). 

5. The teaching program is based on your donation. Once the retreat is over, you donate the teacher according to your personal feeling of how much the experience was worth to you.

6. You may want to add to your program some other activities available locally, like: horse riding, massage, surfing class, etc. You are welcome to request the "activities menu" in order to learn the prices. 

Maximum capacity: 1 person per month.

In 2019 the teacher is no longer available. In 2020 and in the upcoming years the retreats happen from May until October. Feel welcome to get in touch.