Personal coaching with restorative yoga, meditation and balancing ayurvedic diet. 

Learning, healing and letting go - a unique retreat program for individuals.  

Weronika Maria Kostrzewa is a professional yoga therapist and a student of the Tibetan meditation masters. She designed this program while thinking of those who want to improve their lifestyle and get back to a healthy balance. In yoga, it is said that all kinds of illnesses start in our minds. That is why meditation, which shall be understood as mind training, is a powerful tool in the management of our lives. 

The program includes daily sessions with yoga: asana (body poses), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditations. A delicious yet healthy and balancing diet based on Ayurveda (natural medicine from India) is being prepared to support the process of cleansing.

Training takes a minimum of 4 days and the longer it is, the better are your results. You can treat it as an introduction to positive changes in your life. Its typical location is inside of the Costa Vicentina natural park in Portugal, which is a truly uplifting place by the Atlantic Ocean. The pure nature here inspires you to reconnect with the 4 basic elements: air, earth, fire and water. Therefore, the whole experience works like a tonic to an overloaded mind and exhausted body. It awakens your inner hidden potential and wisdom. Following the ancient traditions of the greatest yogis, the guidance given to you by Weronika is based on your donation. 





Designed especially for the people from the West by Iyengar - one of the most respected yogis of our times.  Practitioner stays longer in the poses which are selected especially for the identified issues, so the body opens and releases physical and emotional layers of tension.



The best is to start with reading our terms & conditions. Later, it would be advisable to check the availability of the flights from your destination to Faro or Lisbon airport. Afterward, get in touch and tell us which dates are the most suitable for you. Please, give us some time to respond and to guide you through the application process. In 2020 personal coaching retreats will take place from May through October.

Here is the list of your potential expenses:

1. Accommodation of your choice nearby Aljezur, the town which belongs to Costa Vicentina Natural Park in Algarve (popular surf destination in Portugal).

2. The real cost of the meals prepared for you by the teacher, on average 15€ per day.

3. The real cost of the daily transportation of the teacher to your place, about 10€ per day.  

4. The restorative yoga & meditation program is based on your donation.  

5. Possibly a car or bike rental to enjoy the area during free time.


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