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Soul Farm Algarve in Aljezur
21th - 27th of May 2023
1000 Euro per person

This 1-week long and all-included experience is dedicated to women who feel that it is the time to reflect on their feminine role in life. It will be a fascinating journey into the connection to the purest self and back: stronger, wiser, and more confident about the path we decide to walk.

Daily workshops on the meaning of feminine power will be the space where we will learn new perspectives on the old topics: ​

- What does it mean to be a healthy and successful woman?

- How to gain a hormonal balance, heal and keep shining naturally?

- How to deal with self-criticism and develop self-love?

- Is motherhood a necessary part of our feminine identity?

- Is „being the wife” the only way to feel complete?

- How about free love and attachments?

- High heels, dresses & make-up VS sneakers, jeans & wrinkles...


The Program

Every day will begin with a special guided but introspective yoga practice. It will be a complete ritual of caring for all the bodies (such as the physical body, breath, mind, and consciousness) with the potential to connect us to the higher wisdom.

Healthy, fresh, and nutritious meals will be the time for an exchange on the accomplished realizations or... silent moments of focus. Everyday you will be welcomed to join the culinary workshops on vegan and gluten-free food.


Sharing circles and workshops guided by life coaches and therapists will move each participant forward - to a new stage of self-realization.


The journey includes holistic methods, such as yoga, breath work, natural medicine, aromatherapy, cleansing diet, physical exercises,  healing and empowering ceremonies in trustworthy space, mudras, and mantras. We will put our hands into the soil to connect with nature and plant the seeds: a special workshop on caring for plants as part and identity of female energy will help us too.


The space is pure also because of its unique location: Costa Vicentina Natural Park and Aljezur region are known for their beautiful nature, stunning beaches, clean air, and powerful, cleansing force of the Ocean. 

Meet The Team

P5060001 (1)
Soul Farm Alagarve yoga retreats ocean awakening
Women Empowerment Retreat Soul Farm Algarve with Ocean Awakening
Cleaning the aura of each participant_edited
Yoga at Soul Farm algarve weronika Maria kostrzewa
Cacao Ceremony at Soul Farm - surf yoga retreat
Women Circle Aljezur Soul Farm Algarve by Ocean Awakening yoga
Aura cleaning before the ceremony at Soul Farm Algarve
Weronika Maria Kostrzewa facilitating the cacao ceremony
Domowe Warzywa
Canvas at Soul Farm Algarve
soul farm
Sunrise meditation in Szczecin
Ecstatic dance around the fire


Retreat Location:

Soul Farm Algarve

Casa Rochinha-Picão, Aljezur 8670-158

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