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Testimonials: Testimonials

I have done Yoga in many countries: India, Costa Rica, USA... Every lesson is different but some stay in your mind, like the one with Weronika in Portugal. I do not know how she could feel what I needed. I had an amazing private Yoga experience that made me call her my favorite Yoga teacher.*


Christine Neder from Germany, author of Lillies_diary
* Comment from Weronika: Christine is a blogger, however, the training she did was not sponsored.

I had never tried Yoga before I met Weronika, therefore I was really nervous about trying this new experience. Weronika was not only helpful but she was kind, funny and patient. After only a few sessions with her, I felt my body has changed. It would now do things for me that I would never dream of asking it to do before. But that is not really the point. The point is is that she made me feel welcome, my nerves went, I felt more relaxed and open. And most of all, I made a friend. I highly recommend spending some time with Weronika, be it yoga classes, meditation or retreats.

Nicole Neaber from UK, CEO of ColieCo

I thank you deeply for showing your practice, knowledge and heart. Thank you for the gift that I can take everywhere I go.

Nacho Aldeguer from Spain, actor & musician

Dear Weronika & Ocean Awakening Team, I am still in the process... after a week full of learning, releasing, meeting the community, and finding inspiration. Grateful and with a heart full of love and joy I went back home.  The retreat is diving into a deep connection with yourself and with the environment around you. 
Spending the night in the tent, waking up with the roosters crowing, practicing yoga on a beautiful platform in nature, taking a shower under the open sky, combining yoga and surfing and seeing the connections, workshop on permaculture, planting a tree by myself, having a wonderful dog named Bella around, meditating in the sunset, my first cacao ceremony with ecstatic dancing,  enjoying delicious and healthy food every day... what a rich week! Writing it down, I can't believe that I experienced so much. 
I feel richly blessed! I took so much with me! And I look forward one day to seeing again all the people who have grown so close to my heart in "just" one week. 

Franziska Spirig from Switzerland, ABL-consultant & therapist

Thank you for creating this space for us to begin to reconnect with ourselves again. To find joy while being quiet. Thank you for teaching me how to make the spring rolls. I promise to create the time to meditate. Thank you for not being afraid to ask hard questions. Thank you for bringing all that into my life.

Thank you for this incredible time during the retreat. I enjoyed it to the fullest, as it could not have been any better: your beautiful, positive attitude (and your dog Bella), space, yoga, surfing and healthy food. Keep up the great work and your spreading of love & light. I wish you the very best for the future.  If I can be of any help, let me know! Come and visit us in Lisbon!

Amanda Schneider from New York,

Art Director

Wolf Schmidt-Ulm from Germany,

CEO of Frekkls

Testimonials: Testimonials

Weronika patiently supported me in the process of reconnection with myself. During our retreat I found out so many habitual tendencies in my mind... she helped to relax my stiffness, not only in the body. I have especially appreciated Weronika's knowledge and explanations which helped me with understanding the processes that are happening during such intense work. I truly recommend her warm and professional way of teaching. Also, the landscape of Costa Vicentina is a great place to rest and let go.

Patrycja Siwiec from Poland, journalist & author

I am so thankful for your open heart, generosity and honesty. The time I had spent during the retreat had reaffirmed to me that I am on the right path. It helped me to make some important decisions and most importantly, it opened my eyes to new possibilities and practices. Thank you.

Kristy Cleven from Australia, HR Senior Consultant

I want to thank you again for this week! Since I am back home, people keep on telling me that they feel my good energy. Although it is still an ongoing process, sometimes very difficult, I feel rested. I will for sure recommend that retreat to my friends.

Weronika is an incredibly positive and empowering teacher. I spent 5 days learning from her in Aljezur, Portugal and it was such an enriching experience. She is a kind soul and I highly recommend any class or retreat with her.

Saskia Teurlings from Netherlands,

the government official

Athena Newman-Andrews from Australia, student of architecture

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Testimonials: Testimonials
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