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improve your balance & have fun

ALJEZUR in Vale da Telha, Saturday 21.01.2023

If you have ever thought that skateboarding and yoga seem to be fun but they are too challenging for you... this workshop is for you! We will break through our fears and limitations in a safe environment with no judgment or expectations. Skate Yoga is a practice of balance and focus. Having fun is the highest value. Get ready for a lot of positive energy and inspiration about life with happy and honest vibes. 


11:30 Meeting with the group at "Rocky" (supermercado Roce e Filhos) in Vale da Telha 20, 8670-156 Aljezur (

11:45 Moving to the spot

12:00 Intro to yoga - theory and practice

13:30 Break

14:00 Intro to skateboarding - history and practice

15:30 Break or... more training? Skate Yoga Chants while rolling down the roads...

What to bring?

- Comfortable, loose clothes that can get dirty;

- Flat, sporty shoes;

- Skateboard and a yoga mat - if you have them (otherwise, we will provide some);

- Water and snacks.

To reserve your spot, contact: +48 691070955 (Signal/Telegram/WhatsApp)


Workshop tutors:


Weronika - yogini who loves to teach a holistic approach to the practice:

"Yoga is a system of practices which help us with the development of health and balance in body, soul and mind. It is a great idea to practice it during activities that are challenging. Why? Because then we learn how to stay focused and peaceful during unexpected situations. That is why I love to teach yoga during hiking into the unknown, surfing the waves, ice- and skateboarding."

Miguel - yogi for whom skateboarding is the way to enter meditation:

"Skateboarding is an art form of expression, as there are no winners nor losers - just the state of mind, body, and soul. While breathing and exercising you express however you would like to. Focus, patience, and a fun attitude are needed to conquer those skills! Skating teaches us about sharing with others! About ourselves! And how to stand back after failing!"


This time you choose how much it is worth: donation based.

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