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Personal training based on donations

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Yes. In fact, it is nothing new. Traditionally, all kinds of services related to benefiting the others supposed to be a result of our caring (for the others) nature. Activities like that, based on the compassion, had been always seen as price-less. Therefore, it was the receiver of each treatment who decided what kind of reward to offer.

Survival without money in the contemporary World is not really possible. The old tradition was taken over by the new one: today almost everyone creates detailed price-lists for services. Nevertheless, I feel fortunate to be a disciple of His Holiness Karmapa XVII Thaye Dorje, who follows the ancient tradition until today. Below you can see that Tibetan master of Buddhism and tantra in action:

Everything you see, like the glamorous throne, offerings and even the space itself, was given to His Holiness Karmapa as a gift. Nobody in that place is walking around with the basket asking for money (the scene commonly known from many other places). Isn't it inspiring?

Coming back to the point. The teachings that I have been receiving made me to reflect. However strange it may be, I decided to take that risk and come back to the ancient tradition of sharing my practice and knowledge as a yoga teacher and therapist donation based. My offer is available in the form of "one to one" healing retreats for individuals. Feel welcome to use it, until it lasts.

But in order to be even more honest, I would like to recommend you to check the offer for public courses performed by my own teacher first. The mind power of that master (based on the ancient knowledge preserved since the Buddha times) and His teachings are impressive. Here is the link presenting the web-side of Karmapa International Buddhist Institute:


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