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One of the most important life-goals for the whole crew working for the Ocean Awakening is to protect the natural environment, especially the water. The video above presents one of our activities in Portugal. Enjoy!


Read an inspiring interview hosted by Weronika Maria, the founder of Ocean Awakening, for Aljezur.Life:

"If you say what you want, things happen. Nature knows what to give you." 

"Meditation is the most important thing. It keeps me on the path. (...) if we could teach the kids how to reach that state in meditation, the world would be a success."

Shail Lall



Costa Vicentina Natural Park is a very special part of our planet Earth. Watch this documentary in order to understand its preciousness:



Interview with Weronika Maria Kostrzewa about the enlightenment and the path towards that state of mind (Polish with English subtitles):