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Women Retreat

Soul Farm Algarve in Portugal
-27th of May 2023

Laugh. Be healthy. Learn. Relax.

Yoga & Surf: Welcome
Yoga & Surf: About

This experience is dedicated to women who feel that it is the time to reflect on their feminine role in life. It will be a deep and challanging but also fascinating journey into the connection to the purest self.


Every day will begin with an  introspective yoga practice. It will be a complete ritual of caring for the body, breath and mind with a potential to connect us to the higher wisdom.


Daily workshops on the meaning of feminine power will be the space where we will learn new perspectives on the old topics: 

What does it mean to be a healthy and succesful woman?

- How to gain a hormonal balance and heal in a natural way?

- How to deal with self cirticism and develope self love?

- Is motherhood a necessary part of our femnine identity?

- Is „being the wife” the only way to feel complete?

- High heels, dresses & make up VS sneakers, jeans & wrinkles... why and when?

Healthy and nutritious meals will be the time for an exchange on the accomplished realisations or... silent moments of focus. Sharing circles and workshops guided by life coaches and therapits will move each parerticipant to a new stage of self realisation. The journey includes holistic methods, such as yoga, breath work, natural medicine, cleansing diet, phisical excercises,  healing and empowering ceremonies in trustworthy space. The space that is pure also because of its unique location.


In the middle of the safest region in Europe known as Aljezur. It is located inside the Costa Vicentina Natural Park by the Atlantic Ocean. Ocean who is a great teacher and healer herself. 


Contact to require your spot. 

What is included in the retreat?

  • Accommodation (8 days/7 nights) in double canvas;

  • Welcome sharing circle around the fire with ceremonial cacao, intentions and dinner;

  • Daily yoga, younghtening practices or pillates with a qualified teacher;

  • Daily healthy vegetarian breakfast and lunch;

  • Journey into spiritual ritual on self love and light with intentions and gratitude - preparing your own candle;

  • Daily empowering workshops on women health & feminine power: self love, self citicism, forgiveness, relationships, dreams, hormonal balance, diet, herbalism, natural medicine, etc.;

  • The vegan & gluten free culinary workshops;

  • Guided sunset meditations by the ocean on cliffs and stunning beaches;

  • Optional: visit at the local music social clubs and restaurants;

  • Closing circle around the fire with ecstatic dance and... a birthday party for the newborn You. 

  • Pick up from bus station in Aljezur on the arrival day at 4:30 P.M., check out on the last day at 11:30 A.M.

Where is the closest airport?

In Faro or in Lisbon -  we will guide you how to quickly transfer from there to Aljezur :)

P5060001 (1)
Canvas at Soul Farm Algarve
Cleaning the aura of each participant_edited
Yoga at Soul Farm algarve weronika Maria kostrzewa
Cacao Ceremony at Soul Farm - surf yoga retreat
Aura cleaning before the ceremony at Soul Farm Algarve
Weronika Maria Kostrzewa facilitating the cacao ceremony
Domowe Warzywa
soul farm
Sunrise meditation in Szczecin
Ecstatic dance around the fire
Glamping Algarve Portugal



Weronika Kostrzewa

Yoga teacher & therapist

A479763A-2952-4973-AECA-B17649825132 (1).jpeg

Katherin Anez

Emotional therapist & personal trainer

manon 3.png

Manon Z

Tatoo artist & holistic coach

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-18 at 15.55.40.jpeg

Anna Ronski

Naturopath & psychoterapist

A479763A-2952-4973-AECA-B17649825132 (1).jpeg

Katherin Añez from Respira Salud
Emotional therapist, Personal trainer & life coach

With more than 15 years of experience in teaching yoga classes, breathing and meditation workshops to different age groups, as well as a degree in International Business, I have dedicated my time throughout my life to the study of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and personal care training, added by a great passion for the management of emotions that has led me to become a certified emotional therapist of the QIlimibic. An advanced method of psychotherapy using the most effective emotional release techniques


I am also a certified instructor in 500hrs Hatta Yoga training, Pilates machines and floor, breathing and meditation techniques, Fitball, TRX, Fitwall (vertical training), alectrofitness, aromatheraphy with experience in beauties competition, Miss Bikini international 2007.


I discovered through self-knowledge in all bodies, medicinal plants and aromatherapy with essential oils, a level of well-being and self-esteem that I never imagined, being able to transmit all the benefits is one of my greatest pleasures and purpose in life. May it be a pleasant and fun way of transformation but above all effective.


I am here to accompany you on this awakening journey to shine from the inside out and from the outside in.


"Physical, emotional and mental balance leads to self-realisation".

Weronika Maria Kostrzewa

Sadhana. It all starts from there. We will be developing our understanding of a secret yogic rituals and their impact on our daily accomplishemnts. There is no need to write too much about it. Depending on each and every individual, that very practice will have its own flow. 



Sadhana. It all starts from there. We will be developing our understanding of a secret yogic rituals and their impact on our daily accomplishemnts. There is no need to write too much about it. Depending on each and every individual, that very practice will have its own flow. 

Świeca w Szklanym Słoju


Food is a very important part of retreats run by Ocean Awakening. We passionately cook healthy and nutritious vegetarian meals. Our cheese, eggs, fruits, and veggies come directly from local farmers and organic producers. And we have no problems with adjusting to different kinds of food preferences, like vegan, gluten, or lactose-free.

You can expect sweet & savory breakfasts and lunches with:

fresh pomegranate, orange or other citrus juice;

- coffee cooked according to the Chinese medicine of 5 elements; 

- ceremonial cacao;

- teas and herbal infusions. 


During the welcome evening, there will be a warm and delicious dinner with a dessert. Every other night you will be able to decide, if you prefer to enjoy a nutritious, light soup based on the seasonal, organic veggies coming directly from the local harvest or... maybe try to fast?


What is more, every program includes a culinary workshop where you can learn how to make healthy, yet simple and delicious "guilty-free" vegan and gluten-free meals, including desserts.

We will be learning the meaning of a healthy and balanced diet suitable for different kinds of individuals. We will experience a sensual journey into food during mindful moments around the table. All that under the guidance of long-term practitioners of yoga and healthy life in connection to nature.

Bon appetite!

Here, at Soul Farm, we embrace the idea of simple living with the presence of the unspoiled nature of Costa Vicentina park. Everything in our place was created with respect for the planet Earth: natural materials, simple solutions and long-lasting permaculture design. 

Our canvas (similar to  tipi tents) are equipped with raised beds with linen, towels and solar lights that make the nights cozy and relaxing. Bathrooms with hot water are just a few meters away. At your use are also: fully equipped outdoor kitchen, chilling area with a little library and musical instruments, WIFI and car parking.


All of that inside of peaceful countryside where the sounds of crickets together with the sky full of stars will be your regular night lullaby. Feel welcome to visit us from April until October each year.

Yoga & Surf: Services


One of the most important goals for our retreats is to spread the wisdom coming from Mother Nature about healthy and mindful co-existence with all elements, humans, animals, and the planet Earth. That is why we invite you to take part in very special workshops.


You will have chance to learn basics of the permaculture design. It is a science based on the natural ecosystems - dedicated to fair management of the landscape and all the resources. That day we will start as always with morning yoga practice and breakfast. Then we will all go to our community garden with a food forest, a sanctuary for animals, and a woodland park. Our dedicated tutors will share their knowledge about plants and ecological landscape design. We will be picking herbs, planting trees, and speaking about our human role on the planet. In the meanwhile, our hosts will serve farm-to-table lunch made with organic veggies, herbal tea infusions, and local wine tasting. 

The cacao ceremony includes workshop on spontaneous body expression accompanied by a beautiful music. That ancient tradition is supporting the heart opening, healing and awakening of the inner joy. It is a unique way to let go and free emotions. Sometimes we start playing some instruments - our crew loves jamming and singing together with the guests.


All that activities are yoga practices that teach us more about balanced life and union with nature. It is an excellent way to raise our consciousness about healthy habits and having fun at once.

If that sounds interesting to you, enquire about your spot by reaching out. We are looking forward to meeting you soon! Thank you. 



Your Ocean Awakening Crew

Weronika Maria Kostrzewa

Sadhana. It all starts from there. We will be developing our understanding of a secret yogic rituals and their impact on our daily accomplishemnts. There is no need to write too much about it. Depending on each and every individual, that very practice will have its own flow. 

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