Our Special

We create and organize events dedicated to the rise of consciousness on healthy and mindful being.  Here you can find information about some of the latest projects.

The tradition of drinking cocoa in ceremonial way has been cultivated since the times of ancient Mezoamerican civilisations, such as Mayan and Aztec. It is seen as natural medicine: activates joy, opens heart, balances the nervous system... Today, this tradition is returning to us with doubled strength in order to support the development of the society recovering from  trauma. 


During that special event in Szczecin, Poland we had focused on generating an ocean of good wishes to our local community: especially health, abundance of love and peace. Our guests could experience workshops on ethics and natural body-mind treatments related to yoga, such as: aromatherapy, natural medicine of India - Ayurveda, massages, meditation, vegan diet, etc. 

aromaterapia dziś dobrych praktyk szczecin Kamienna zaprawa i tłuczek

These series of events is about collective practices which rise our consciousness on understanding our human nature. We offer different kinds of body-mind therapies related to the path of yoga, for example: breath work and meditations. All supported by the healing vibrations of chants, Tibetan bowls, gongs, piano and other musical instruments and DJ sets.