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Here you can find information about some of the latest projects: we create events dedicated to practices that support healthy and mindful life. You can also view the program for upcoming retreats here.

Next dates:

- COCO MAT Berlin on 15th of April 2023: fb link

- Surf yoga retreat 1-7th of May 2023: link

- Women Empowerment Retreat 21-27.05.2023: link

- Surf yoga retreat 1-7th of October 2023: link

The tradition of drinking cacao ceremonially has a long history. We know it from the Mesoamerican civilizations, such as Mayan and Aztecs. Drinks made out of slowly cooked cacao seeds are a natural medicine. It opens the heart, balances the nervous system, rises endorphins, and is a great aphrodisiac. Cacao ceremonies work like therapies and become great support in the development of a conscious, caring, and healthy society. Maybe that is why the tradition is coming back to us now with doubled strength.


Yoga is a holistic practice that brings us to balance in life. Practicing it on the mat is a great intro to the next step: being here and now in all kinds of situations, like... during skateboarding! Our workshop is perfect training for everybody who wants to have fun while improving balance, concentration, and flexibility in the body. You will learn about the history of skateboarding and yoga too.


A holistic practice teaching us how to keep calm in extreme temperatures. It improves your stamina, resistance to stress, and general mental and physical condition. Thanks to special breathing methods, it can become a great tool on the path to releasing traumas and giving up fears.


​Practicing yoga and meditation by the sea or bay is a very unique and beautiful experience connecting you to nature. Learning how to empty the mind and balance the body will not only increase your confidence, flexibility and strength - it will also help you surf and skate! Check our offer and get to know Poland better.

Joga SUP

During that special event in Szczecin, Poland we focused on generating an ocean of good wishes to our local community: especially health, abundance of love and peace. Our guests could experience workshops on ethics and natural body-mind treatments related to yoga, such as: aromatherapy, natural medicine of India - Ayurveda, massages, meditation, vegan diet, etc. 

aromaterapia dziś dobrych praktyk szczecin Kamienna zaprawa i tłuczek

This series of events is about collective practices which rise our consciousness on understanding our human nature. We offer different kinds of body-mind therapies related to the path of yoga, for example: breath work and meditations. All supported by the healing vibrations of chants, Tibetan bowls, gongs, piano and other musical instruments and DJ sets.

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