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22.05.2022 SZCZECIN

Location 1: WYSPA GRODZKA (wooden deck next to marina in Szczecin)

4:40 Sun salutation yoga with meditation (bring your mat)

Location 2: HALA ODRA (Beniowskiego 5 & 5a, Szczecin)


12:00 - 17:00 Less Waste Market

All day: aromatherapy, vege bar, market, mantras, massage, exhibition of the massive piece of art made by Nokolor...


10:00 Opening - meditation with intention
10:30 Relaxing concert with the Tibetan bowls and gongs(Edziu Włodarczyk)
12:00 Presentation on aromatherapy and the Raindrop® technique (Kasia and Piotr Cybulscy)

13:00 Presentation about hemp oils (Dagmara Drogosz)

14:00 Presentation about working with Ma-uri's body (Kasia Nowak)

15:00 Presentation about traveling around India (Róża Czarnota)

16:00 Presentation about natural medicine of India - Ayurveda (Monika Karolczuk)

17:00 Official opening of the exhibition of Nokolor

17:30 Cocoa ceremony with dance and live drums ended with a circle of power (Weronika Kostrzewa, Paweł Zawendowski)
21:00 Open End...

Expect a lot of positive energy and improvement in your well-being, honesty and inspiration to live in health, peace, love and wisdom. Workshops are a space free from alcohol and stimulants.


Donation based. On this day you decide how much each practice is worth to you by donating into the karma-box :)


Our Story

The Ocean Awakening zone is hidden in the middle of the courtyard by the Oder River - next to Hala Odra. It is a magical space of relaxation and regeneration. Ocean Awakening is all about development of awareness dedicated to healthy practices. On that special day we are going to generate a real ocean of good wishes for our community. These wishes will flow on the Oder River to connect with the ocean surrounding our planet. You will be able to put yourself in the hands of the massage therapists and experts in aromatherapy from Young Living. Instrumental artists (drums, Tibetan bowls, gongs) will appear on in the temple and magical garden kind-of-stage. It is an alcohol-free zone, with ceremonial cocaa, Ayursofia Ayurvedic tea, vegan and gluten-free cuisine. The space will also become an exhibition of a huge wall mural by NOKOLOR and an unusual visual art made by the recucled plastic made by the Ocean Awakening Crew.

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