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Private Cacao Ceremony

Surf Yoga Mindfulness Retreat
Soul Farm Algarve, Portugal



The cacao ceremony can become the heart of wedding or small private and developmental events. Meeting by the fire in the space held by the master of ceremonies is a time of deep introspection in meditation, which leads to sincere interpersonal connections with music and dance.


During the cacao ceremony, the host connects with the spirit of the Goddess Ixcacao whose force is related to the fertility of the planet Earth. She can heal, give strength, build unity and joy.


It is recommended to drink it at the beginning of important gatherings, such as weddings, team buildings, and therapies. Communication after consuming this noble drink prepared with intention comes from the heart. Thanks to this, experience often leads to profound transformations and healings - going hand in hand with the needs of today's awakening society.

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