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Ocean Awakening is represented by lovers of meditation, yoga, surf and good-food. We offer retreats that combine all those things in our favorite country by the ocean: Portugal. Taking care of the details and choosing the best locations (rustic yet comfortable) is our specialty. You can decide between two programs: camps for groups or personal training. The details are under the links. 



Yoga teacher & therapist - the founder of Ocean Awakening

      Yoga, meditation, culinary and surfing are my greatest passions and fortunately, they get along perfectly with each other. That is why the retreats organized by Ocean Awakening are focused on these very activities. As a professional therapist, I incorporate a variety of traditional yogic methods showing you how to develop better mental and physical health. The inspirations on my path came from the training with the advanced meditation masters (Tibetan Buddhism) and yoga (Hatha, Iyengar, Jivamukti/Asthanga Vinyasa). We, people living in the West, are usually overwhelmed with thinking and stress. That is why I often introduce my guests to the restorative yoga - a tonic for our busy minds and exhausted bodies. 

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Meet new friends, have fun and renew the connection to nature during a 6-days camp in Algarve, Portugal.

Learning, healing and letting go. An exceptional program of personal training inside of Costa Vicentina natural park.


in Algarve, Portugal



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