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21-27.05.2023 in Soul Farm Algarve

Connect with healthy female energy to heal, understand, get stronger - to learn how to live the life you deserve. Join the women circle that inspires and supports the process. Rebuild the trust to yourself and to the other women on the path. 

This experience is dedicated to women who feel that it is the time to reflect on their feminine role in life. It will be a fascinating journey into the connection to the purest self and back: stronger, wiser, and more empowered.

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Next dates:

October 2023


Soul Farm Algarve, Aljezur, Portugal

Make your wooden surfboard while relaxing and improving your balance & health by the Atlantic Ocean.

As surfers, we are very interested in our impact on the environment. That is why workshop on permaculture and planting trees is also part of this experience too. By doing this, we try to give our planet more than we take. From every tree we plant, we can produce on average 20 boards! 

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Next dates:

1st - 7th of May 2023 

1st - 7th of October 2023


Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal

The 7-day surf & yoga rustic retreat in beautiful Portugal is a great way to gain some distance to your daily routines, practice yoga and surf, rebuild the connection to nature and visit undiscovered yet places in Algarve.  Meet new friends with common passions and life-style from all over the World, learn new things and relax.


To inquiry about your spot, get in touch.


Next date:

26th of May 2023 

Soul Farm Algarve, Portugal

The tradition of drinking cacao ceremonially has a long history and currently, it is coming back to us with doubled strength. We know it from the Mesoamerican civilizations, such as Mayan and Aztecs.


The drink made out of slowly cooked fermented cacao seeds (turned into bars) is a natural medicine with multiple healing qualities. It opens the heart, balances the nervous system, and raises the level of endorphins and dopamine. It is a great aphrodisiac - rich in vitamins and minerals (calcium, copper, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus)  too. Therefore, cacao ceremonies work like therapies and support the development of a conscious, caring, and healthy society. 


Check our STORY to learn more about us.

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